Thursday, February 18, 2016

Helpdesk Needed

Willow Valley, our retirement community, provide services of every imaginable kind, including computer training, with one shortcoming.

There is no computer help desk, even on a fee for service basis.

With all the benefits of computers in Internet to seniors, a help desk is needed.

Simple tablets can provide enormous help to those with vision, hearing, and mobility problems, and to those confined to bed.

It can keep seniors connected to the outside world. It can keep them far more able to help themselves than otherwise.

Presently Willow Valley will hook you up to Internet. It will turn on the switch. But if anything goes wrong, it is entirely up to you to fix it whether technically qualified or not. 

It is up to you to choose, buy, install, and service the equipment you will need.

Either that or go outside to some questionably qualified support person and high cost helper who probably cannot deal with the complexities and age of Willow Valley's computer grid.

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