Sunday, February 7, 2016

Security Notes

Security issues are clouded and muddied by uninformed opinion.  To get things straight, research them yourself on internet.   Here are a few interesting sources of information.

Is encryption safe?  (YES!!)     Tap or click for more information.   But do your own investigation before opining that it is not safe.

Is Windows 10 less safe?    (Getting better.)   Tap or click for

Do I need a VPN for safety?  (Companies use it.)   Tap or click or

Which OS os most secure, Windows or Mac?    (Neither,  ChomeOS and Windows Phone.)   Tap or click for

Will malwarebytes keep me safe?   (No.)   Do your own research on internet to see why not.

The facts are out there.    Don't go by anybody's unsubstantiated opinion without getting them.

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