Friday, May 26, 2017

Emergency call systems for seniors

Emergency call systems of the past for seniors often employed a necklace with a push button.   You had to have it on with a good battery.

The new Amazon Echo, Alexa,. can actually dial the call center number and initiate a conversation away from the phone or even better simply establish contact with the call center if that center is also provided with an Echo.

To have Alexa call a nursing call center, install the My Buddy app and establish a phone contact for The Nurse.   Then, to call the nurse, say "Ask My Buddy to call the nurse."

Where the calling center already has an Echo installed, simply delete and reinstall the Alexa app, which will then lead you through the procedure.    This newer alternative will also connect with a two-way conversation away from the phone.

If there is no calling center, or the calling center is not set up for Alexa, you can always just set up a friend to receive an emergency call.

Meanwhile, explore the Silver Echo for seniors.  Tap or click for it.

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