Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Printing Address Labels with iPads

Not every computer does everything well.    All have some things they do not do well.   However, thanks to Apple founder Steve Jobs, the iPad scores very high in  doing things well.

I do not use it a lot, because I am mainly helping people with other devices which have a lot more problems and no easy source of help.

But now and then I pick the iPad up and I always marvel at it.

A case in point is Contacts.  My contacts are in Google Cloud, though.

Ideally, contacts apps and databases should include and cover all the different data uses for contacts.     That includes home and business addresses,  names for voice calling,  and email addresses.    You want to be able to say to your smartphone “Call Smitty”,  tell your device to address a paper document,  and address an email.  You want that one list of contacts to apply for all your devices.

You don't want to have to type in all that data every time you use it, and into three different databases.

Not so easy.  I have never found a Windows or Google / Android app to address my Christmas card envelopes with labels.     I have always used a very old program called PCsync for which I modified the code to do the job.

But picking up my iPad the other day,  I found a solution!!:

This app synchronizes with my Google contacts and does what Google cannot do.   It takes the addresses from my updated Google contact list and produces sheets of gummed labels. Simple and automatic.

The intuitive process is typically for iPads.   Not only that, but printing wirelessly is reliable with AirPrint for iPad, not the case for a device like a Chromebook which relies on internet and cloud connections which may not be all that reliable.  And for Windows the procedure is very complicated using Word and MailMerge!

So,  the merit of iPads continues to be in making it easy to do  things which are not so easy with other devices.  

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