Saturday, May 20, 2017

Music, Music, Music

Nowadays, streaming of music of all kinds is available to all of us, but there are still times when CDs are handy.     CDs are still widely sold at live performances.

Streaming music and audio CDs are both digital but are in different digitized forms.

It is handy to be able to convert CDs to computer digitized MP3's and MP4s, and the reverse, from downloaded for to audio CD, such as to keep in your car or elsewhere when away from online music.

For this three PC/Mac “tools” are needed:

iTunes on Mac or PC is the easiest way to convert CDs to an MP3 or MP4 form which can be stored on your PC or cloud service:  Amazon Music, Google Music. Apple Music, or other cloud storage place like Drive and Dropbox.

When iTunes is installed,  loading a CD automatically brings up the options to save it to the computer for backup or sending to the net cloud..

I have iCloud active at $0.99 a month as an automatic iCloud storage place.

At this point the second tool comes into play.  I use Amazon Music Manager to upload the iTunes files for online access from Amazon Muisc.     The files are kept way down in the user directory where they can be dragged-and-dropped to the Amazon upload window.

The same files can be backed up to a thumb drive or Wi-Fi drive for access by Wi-Fi.       They can be put on a DVD,  too.

It is also handy to be able to do the reverse: to convert downloaded files to audio CD's.    

Hence, the third tool, which is simply the old Windows Media Player,  which can be downloaded and installed into Windows 10.     Here, files are located on the PC or Mac and can again be dragged and dropped to the Windows Media Player window which burns them to CD in an audio form which is playable anywhere.

Sources of music vary from the streaming services such as Spotify to Amazon.  From Amazon  you can buy 100 piano concertos for $0.99.   But then there are flea markets where CDs popular music and performers can be had cheaply and converted for access anywhere.

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