Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Local Community Website

This website,, addresses tech matters for all seniors everywhere, and is read worldwide.

Local residents of this community, however, have often asked me to address more specific local community Tech issues. To date there is no internet place to do so.   Many times I have intervened with management on an individual basis, but this has been unsatisfactory at times.

Further, many of the issues go beyond Tech and to other issues.     Among these are how to obtain services of all kinds, even political action.     Most frequent is how to handle the panic of a spouse's onset of Alzheimer's*.    But the issues go further t where to go for specific medical care, fitness support and training, safety issues, and problems with access to dining services.

So there is no website to deal with these local issues.    

So residents basically are asking for an unofficial community website to fill the gap, as with many, many other similar communities.   

Here I need your specific recommendations as to how we should proceed.

My number one priority is to see that seniors everywhere are not cut off from the wider world of technology, of course,  and I will need other hands to assist with the maintenance of such a website, once created.

Many here are concerned with the future of our national healthcare, and such a site would also direct them to help. Tap or click for one. As for you international readers, most of you do not have such worries.


  • I note that in the case of Alzheimer's, management here directed me to another community with a broad program, both internally and externally.   Although I am not faced with these issues personally,  I was able to learn a great deal about what I might be able to do to assist those around me, and I am deeply grateful for their gracious help.     The community is the Brethren community in Lancaster.    They have brought in world-class experts to work with their residents and fitness Department.     They also now offer Life Care contracts.

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