Thursday, June 15, 2017

Access to Services

One of the most important concerns for seniors is access to services, all the more so with increasing loss of mobility.       Seniors living alone gradually lose access to needed services.

This comes to mind as a remarkable new access to shopping becomes available: Amazon Fresh.

The new Amazon Dash Wand stick will now enables ordering by scanning barcodes or voice input and costs just $20,  actually refundable if you're a Prime member.

At your refrigerator,  you will be able to order quickly at any time and get very quick delivery in hours at $15 a month.  This can be great if you are sick, disabled,  unable to drive, and so on.

Access is all important.    
Here at Happy Valley access to services has always made this community what it is.     Senior couples can live here and not need to be separated unless hospitalized, with the hospital nearby and easily reached..

At best, access to food services is a short inside walk, along with access to nurse, pharmacy, banking, concierge, maintenance. assisted and skilled care,  doctors’ offices, cleaning, and more. Did  I mention multiple auditoriums and our performing arts center?

At the door there is access to multiple transportation options, all the way from Happy Valley’s own bus service, and van service, to city and county bus and van and Uber.      Access to Lancaster and Amtrak is a very short ride with rare traffic.

Not everything is accessible.      Fitness classes have been centralized and wellness activities in some areas have been curtailed or discontinued.       Bottlenecks in a crowded new dining complex make access to food and serving themselves difficult for many.

More important, internet service,  especially on weekends, can be spotty or absent.     This will be all the more important as seniors become more dependent internet for Alexa two-way emergency calls away from phones, shopping,  voice use of computers, voice control of thermostats and lights, and so on.    Some tech catching up is needed here.

And that applies to the Amazon Dash.  The advent of Amazon Fresh reminds us that reliable internet service will be essential for seniors to be able to use the new Amazon Fresh grocery delivery services.

Still, on balance,  Happy Valley cannot be outdone,  and we expect it to improve in the above,  as it has recently in providing outstanding new takeout meals and  snack facilities with longer hours.   In the past Happy Valley has not rested on its laurels.

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