Friday, June 16, 2017

SnrTech is Now a Book

Over the 10 years of its existence, Snrtech has become a “how-to” website-based tech manual for seniors.

It is unique in that each posting addresses a problem presented in a one-on-one work session with a senior for solution, so that others could benefit from the process.   That made it possible for me to help more people.

So these postings are driven by the needs of seniors as they attempt to embrace the latest technology.    Many are still not using tablets and smartphones.

These postings are now available in PDF or paperback book form.  Tap or click to order it.

I find it handy myself to have postings in printed form as I work with a computer and as a backup.    The book also preserves them in the event that the website goes down.    Those who read the website have also asked for both backup and book.

The book has a table of contents but no index, and links are available only online.
The process for making such a book is as follows:

  1. back up the website at Google accounts Tap or click for how.
  2. convert the XMS backup to PDF Tap or click for how.
  3. send the PDF file to Lulu for publication Tap or click for how

The book has an ISDN number and is copyrighted with permission to use small sections of it with attribution.

The site was actually started as a blog a few years earlier than 2008 in the days when both content and form had to be hard coded in HTML format.     Those early postings could not be archived.

In the history of postings I have tried to stick to facts and specifics as much as possible and to moderate my own opinions.    The foremost of my opinions is that the newest tech is usually the best and easiest tech for seniors, once the old ways are discarded and the new ways are learned.    It is in this last effort that I can help.   

I am concerned when seniors do not benefit from technology now critical to their well-being.

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