Friday, June 2, 2017

Backup Your Books

When you buy a digital book online, you are buying access to it on a server somewhere.    As long as you are logged in and online,  it remains accessible to specific devices and readers.

Downloading gives you access offline, and also a sort of backup, to the extent that you have storage space available.

I download all my Amazon books into my Kindle Paperwhite as a matter of course.

What if we want to go further?

Where I do have my books on a PC,  no matter in which format,  I search for the format and transfer the books to a DVD,  flash drive,  or cloud storage elsewhere, like Drive or  Dropbox.

The main digital formats are .azw .pdf. and .epub.     To collect books  I search in the uppermost directory where I have them with the following:  *.azw *pdf. and *. Epub.      I then highlight the listing by tapping on the top item on the list and pushing the End Key,  after which I drag and drop en masse to the destination.

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