Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reading News Online

We subscribe to both print and digital subscriptions of a variety of magazines and newspapers.

We found recently that the subscription contents, format, and price have been changing.     For this reason we changed and/or extended some of these.

We discontinued our Kindle Paperwhite subscription to the Philadelphia Inquirer for its reduced content, cost, and format and replaced it with a smartphone-tablet-PC subscription to the News-Journal in Wilmington for a tiny fraction of the cost, exhaustive content and back issues, and full published print page---you tap on the story for readable text on a small device.  Not only that you get limited access to USA Today.   The site will also read stories out loud.     Daily Briefings were set up with Alexa.   

Because it is easier and more accessible to read away from the print edition on smartphone or tablet,  I extended the digital access to Time and Bloomberg Businessweek.    Going to the Time subscription management site,  I was able to add digital access for $0.20 per issue to a low cost subscription.   With Bloomberg Business Week I went to Amazon and searched for Kindle Business Week and followed the instructions to gain digital access.

I then went to smartphone and Paperwhite to activate the subscriptions where available,  I logged in as required to get the full content.

New York Times and Washington Post subscriptions still run well on the Paperwhite and at reasonable cost for good content.

Amazon Prime subscribers get the Washington Post for a bargain price.

Further, I set up daily briefings via Email wherever available, such as earlier with the New York Times and New Yorker and NPR.     

I added  English excerpts from the south German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.  Tap or click for it.   (Then, for the more complete German edition, just tap for the German edition from the English site.)

Bottom line:  keep your subscriptions up-to-date.

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