Thursday, August 17, 2017

Best Computer for Most Seniors

What is the best computer for most seniors? That question comes up almost every day here in this large senior community.

Their popularity here puts iPads foremost, now priced at $339.     They  are easy to learn to use and there is plenty of support from many quarters.

For those who need less support the Amazon Kindle Fire 8 at $79,  or $50 when on sale,  is a fine choice, made even better if adapted to run Google apps.

For those who want a laptop, then the natural choice is a Chromebook at about $200 or less.

Additionally, a smartphone gives the ability to work anywhere.   These are now as cheap as $50 or less with 10 - $20 monthly plans, now abundant.

All of these support voice operation---which nowadays is paramount.

All also require a compatible wireless printer,  best chosen before making the purchase, though Chromebooks now are starting to enable selected wireless printers.  

Windows or Mac?    Some work demands a big screen.

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