Saturday, August 19, 2017

Resurrect that old Laptop??

Resurrect an old laptop?

It seems a shame not to try,  especially if that old laptop looks pretty much as new as when originally purchased.

But most authorities agree that it is not worthwhile to resurrect a laptop more than two years old.

More than two years old?

Well, that seems a little bit unreasonable, but the fact is that prices are so low, on much better machines, that $150 will bring you something better than what you bought just a few years ago.

But still it seems a shame to retire something that new.   Didn't it work well not that long ago?

Obsolescence occurs with Microsoft as more and more is demanded of the systems and Microsoft discontinues its old versions, along with support.

But you really can't blame Microsoft for the public demand for better systems

Even Linux which is public and nonprofit, has become more and more reliant on providing for modern capabilities.

With Linux, however, it is indeed possible to go back to a lightweight version for an old machine

Is it worthwhile?   Probably not.

But then it might be fun to try as long as it doesnot involve much cost, if any.

I hesitated a while before spending a dollar on an old HP laptop I will now attempt to work with.

The old laptop didn't even have that much wear on the spacebar so that it was never that heavily used, and never abused.

It also had the ability to write titles on special H DVDs and my newer laptops don't even have DVDs drives.

So there are plenty of old Linux distributions will which will work on older devices and look pretty much like Windows.     There will always be things that they won't do or will do only with a lot of exasperating tinkering.

Some of their run just from a flash drive and don't rely on an old slow mechanical hard driv6s.

On that old laptop I picked up for a dollar,  I will use my Windows 7 upgrade CD to see how it works,  then probably revert to the best of the lightweight Linuxes.

If none of those work, I will install the Chrome OS or Android Remix.

When I when I really want to do work thoiugh, nowadays I just pull out my smartphone.    It does it all and does it by voice and works with most wirekess printers.   

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