Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cloud Printer Not Working

Have you sometimes lost your ability to print to from Chrome, using Cloudprint?

Here's how to the restore it.


Chrome, and Chromebooks, are mainstream now for schools, and for seniors who want to avoid the issues of Windows.

Chrome does most of its processing in the internet Cloud as opposed to your individual computer.      That makes it subject to any problems with your internet connection.

Printing is especially vulnerable

Here our internet connection at times fails.     What happens is that a request goes out from our computer and never reaches the destination.      This can be tracked easily by your router.    In my case I type  into my URL or search box, click on  Signal,  and check out how many times this is happened.

The typical pattern for this to happen is on the weekend.    Sometimes it is very difficult to log in at all.

For printing, the signal needs to go to your router and then to the cloud and then back to your router and finally to your printer.    (Recently the newest version of Chrome version 59 makes it possible to avoid the cloud link for some printers and simply to go from your computer to router to printer.)

So here's the fix:

First,  don't try to fix anything while you were having internet connection problems.     It can make the process exasperating.     Then fix the problem later when your internet service is working properly.

Then, delete the non-printing printer and deregister it.  This is crucial.
There are two places to do this.     When you print a document, a window shows up which lists your print jobs and your printers.     Clicking  on “Printers” displays your active printers.     Clicking on the particular printer which is causing trouble gives you the ability to delete it.

The other place is found by entering  chrome://devices/  in your URL or search box,  clicking on “managing printers”,  and deleting the offending printer.

Then reinstall the same printer as originally done, as follows:.

Go to the control panel on the printer itself  and log on to your WiFi network.    Once logged in,  find your printer's IP address from the same panel.       On your computer enter that IP address in your URL or search bpx and re-register the printer anew.

You are still not done, if anyone else is using your printer.

If others are using your printer, you need to authorize them to do so by going to the usual print screen,  clicking on the printer,  and clicking on sharing.      Finally,  you need to go to the other user’s printer, bring up the print screen, and click on the message accepting the printer at the bottom of the screen.   

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