Monday, August 28, 2017

Rescuing Your Old Laptop - Recipe


You may be able to rescue that old laptop from Windows and Windows 10 oblivion by installing somewhat of a look alike which will run the Chrome browser online and an office suite offline.

Your new system will work entirely from a flash drive and need not need not affect anything on your hard drive, once in use.

First, obtain a fast class 10 flash drive, probably 16 gigabytes, though a 4 GB Class 4 drive actually worked for me.

Second,  go to a PC or laptop browser and search for something called Zorin Light, and also something called unetbootin.     

Third, find sites to download them.

Insert the flash drive.
Fourth, run unetbootin.  Click on the check box for “iso”  and  tap on the three dot menu at right  to find the Zorin Light file you just downloaded.    Make sure to select the correct flash drive to write to. Start the process of writing your new OS.

Fifth,  sit back and wait for unetbootin to finish.   While waiting, set your laptop to boot from the flash drive: restart the laptop and tap on F2 or the delete key while rebooting to bring up the ability to control boot sequence.  Explore how to set it for the flash drive booting

Sixth, when unetbootin finishes, transfer the flash drive to your laptop.   Restart.    (On some laptops, you may need to tap again on F2 or delete as it starts, to select an option to boot from the flash drive.)

Take it from there for a renewed laptop, no old slow Windows, no confusing Windows 10, no slow old mechanical hard drive and memory.  Everything runs from the flash drive.

  • Note:

Once you are running in Zorin, you have the ability to make a second flash drive with local memory. Select 1000 MB for that live memory.

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