Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Space Efficient Computer Station

Like many seniors, I have a limited space for computers.   Of course, the least space solution is simply to use a smartphone for everything.

Still, it is nice to have a big screen somewhere.

I have a 24” LG combo smart TV/computer display connected through an HDMI switch to a PC, a Chromebook, a Roku, and a Kindle 6” tablet .

That way I can get to everything from one chair.

The Kindle can also be used portably as a phone with Skype or other app where there is Wi-Fi.  (The Kindle 6 has the essential special adapter to send out HDMI to the display.  Selected other Kindles have other ways of connecting.)

I also have a keyboard switch to share one keyboard with PC and Chromebook, plus a wireless keyboard/touchpad for the TV itself. The LG TV has the needed multiple inputs.

One HP Chromebook compatible printer serves everything.

Thus, I can do everything from one small space.

I do use tablets separately in an armchair. These take no space at all, so that you can have more than one to access all the capabilities.   For most seniors,  I recommend an iPad and also a Kindle Fire.     

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