Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Bargains

 I have found a few super bargain “Best Buy” type items which may be attractive for other seniors, too!!.  (I use PayPal only to buy from abroad.)

Tech Items:

Amazon Echo Dot $50 - start to use voice computing, as for switching (hard to reach or remote) lamps on and off -

Switches for above - $30 or less ea - also work from smartphone

Charging Station $22 - makes the best use of an outlet to recharge your devices

Kindle Fire $50 - all-round tablet, can be hacked to google apps - on sale as low as $33

Cables - cheap and well-made cables -

Short charging cables -

Pigtail Power Extension for bulky wall warts -

Premium Audio cables that WORK!!  -

Hotspot Service - #4.99/mo up - cheap way to add (up to LTE) data to your smartphone and devices -

Other Senior Items

Shower Curtain Rings - $1.09x2=$2.18 - I use two per hole, facing opposite, replacing $$ units which quit too soon -

Shower Curtain - $14 expensive but worth it to stop spills and mold

Stockings - light compression stockings - $1.71/pair!!

2in1 Light Socket Adapters $1.46 - use 2 60 watt (10,5 watt) equivalent LEDS in one lamp to replace 100 watt incandescent -

Humidifier - as low as $15 - same unit under Sunbeam, Walgreen, Honeywell, and other brand names -washes in dishwasher

Men’s Automatic Belt - $5 - once you get the hang of it, tightens and releases instantly

Wireless Doorbell - $10 - receiver plugs into wall socket w/o battery

Stool - snappy and strong waterproof Folding Step Stool - $10

Men’s Slip-On - a decent stirtched cheap $30 shoe, also check Dexter Eastborough from Payless & their Sales -'s+Bay&start=1

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