Friday, November 18, 2016

Files All "Mixed Up"

Recently a resident here using Microsoft Office opened up Microsoft Word and found his files all rearranged and “mixed up” from the order in which he had I stored them. He was horrified.

What happened is that Word had opened the Libraries Folder and not his original folders.

Microsoft created the Libraries folder directory newly in Windows 7 as a tool to order and collect all files of a given formatting, such as documents.    There are actually no files in the libraries folder, just links to where they were originally created.     What is different is that they are arranged in a different order  as mandated by Microsoft for easy navigation.

Right clicking on files in the Library folders will show where are they are in fact, and where you can go to find them in their original order and access them in Word.

Here is how to arrange files properly.

If this is confusing, read up Windows File Explorer and its use. Or use Google Docs for you word processing! Tap or click for a cheap used book on Windows 7

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