Sunday, November 20, 2016

Organizing Files for a Book

With Windows 7 Microsoft patched-up a bad problem in Windows in a very crude way.   I have not seen any seniors using it.  It is called “Libraries”.

The basic problem was that it is difficult to find and organize files in Windows. Users put them here and there by using the “save as”  function, and eventually files are scattered all over the place and difficult to find.

So Windows 7 instituted Libraries, which appears as a folder in Windows Explorer, (Windows Explorer is also known as My Documents).

Libraries is not really a folder at all because it does not contain any files whatsoever, but simply provides a place to organize files which have been placed elsewhere. This happens automatically, so that all your document files are listed there wherever you have placed them on your hard drive.   In Libraries you can arrange them logically.

What really needs to happen, though,  is that file organization needs to occur within Windows Office.

That happens in a full-fledged word processor designed for creating complex documents and books.

Scrivener, for example,  makes your documents and notes easily accessible and organized in its main screens.

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