Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Christmas List

The first item on most seniors’ Christmas list needs to be a smartphone, if they do not already have one.

(A smartphone is not always recognized by a senior as an always available 24/7 helper.   But seniors do need 24/7 helpers.)

If not familiar with smartphones, it will be necessary to sit with the senior and show them the ropes. That means the essentials as opposed to the confusing array of all those things a smartphone can do.    Those can come later.

The essentials are: making phone calls, doing emails, and using voice for these and for searches for information.     Using voice is paramount to success.

I have learned that doing everything by voice works for seniors who otherwise have a hard time with a smartphone. Tap or Click for a list of all you can do with voice alone!.

Or tap pr click to see how it is done...

The phone should cost no more than $100, and the plan, if needed at all, as little as $10 a month as long as Wi-Fi is available nearby.    

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