Thursday, November 24, 2016

LTE Tablets STAY Connected

LTE tablets connect directly to cell towers for data (like WiFi except direct) and avoids the problems of local bad connections.

(The daughter of a resident here gave her mother such a device to avoid such frustrations here of  connecting to internet.)

The LTE iPad ALWAYS works for them to keep in touch.   That blessing is worth it,  according to the daughter.

With LTE you simply connect reliably wherever you are.     No routers, no wires, no Wi-Fi, no headaches.

It is not cheap, but you can pay just for what you use, like $25 for 1G over 3 months.   Yet for light users and new users, that is doable.   OK for email and light browsing.

These tablets do also work with Wi-Fi and hotspots, and with smartphones and plans that allow so-called tethering to such devices.

On a special sale from Woot, I picked up one for $70, refurbished.    A Kindle Fire 8.9, it  is probably the most versatile personal computer I have ever encountered.    Does Wi-Fi phoning away from Wi-Fi  (anywhere) and plugs into a big display to work as a full non-Windows PC.

It has a nice big screen and runs cheap subscriptions only available for Kindles.       It has a huge 64G memory to hold all your books and music and avoid most such data usage charges.

I t even cut that data usage down by using Opera’s  tunneling app.

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